Removing Creosote with Speedy White

Burning logs in fireplace
Once in a while a consumer comes upon a product that really works and does what it says it will do. Such as the case with your Speedy White Fireplace Cleaner....They (our fireplace installers) had told us about your cleaner and after a month of scraping the glass on our doors to clean them of creosote, we decided to try your product.

We were thrilled after only one application at the ease with which the product worked, In only seconds our glass doors were like new and sparkling clean. Our thanks and a round of applause to your company for this product."
- P. Stephens
Miamisburgh, OH

Creosote is the oily liquid from wood that builds up and hardens in a chimney.

Creosote can catch on fire! With a heavy build up of creosote in your chimney, a small fire can turn large in moments. The major cause of chimney fires is built up deposits of creosote.

The biggest cause of creosote buildup is burning wood that is not properly seasoned. In other words if the wood is not dry enough, more creosote buildup is likely to occur. Another reason creosote builds up is due to a fire that is not burning hot enough. Check your fireplace manual for recommended temperatures.

When you see it, remove it! Spray Speedy White on the creosote to get rid of the buildup and make the area easier to clean in the future. Spray on and scrub off. No waiting, no hassle. Anyone can use it!

That depends on how often you use your fireplace. The more you use your fireplace, the more often you need to apply Speedy White. If you have glass doors on your wood or gas fireplace, wood stove, or pellet stove, we'd advise you to wipe the door surfaces after every burn cycle.

Speedy White attacks the oil in the creosote and dissolves it. Our product accomplishes this by using a special formula formulated just for this purpose. Speedy White is also awesome as a carpet cleaner, degreaser and laundry stain dissolver!

stainless chimneyThere is no other product on the market that can match Speedy White. It is the ultimate creosote cleaner!
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