Chimney Maintenance with Speedy White

"....we have been using Speedy White on each job we have been on. From our experience, I know Speedy White sells itself"
- Lafayette, Ohio​
A chimney in the mountains

Speedy White beautifies and protects!

Speedy White is not a chimney cleaner. If you use our product regularly you will significantly reduce the soot and creosote buildup of the visible areas around your fireplace, wood or pellet stove. Other creosote can still build up in the upper areas of your chimney, which requires maintenance by a professional on a regular basis, depending on usage and wood characteristics specific to your situation.

That depends on how often you use your fireplace. The more you use it, the more potential there is for creosote to build up. If you use Speedy White, you can reduce residue build up. There are also factors such as what wood you are burning and how cured and dry the wood is that you are burning. Ask your chimney sweep professional during your next maintenance appointment. He or she probably uses Speedy White too!

If you don’t clean your fireplace or wood stove on a regular basis you will will experience creosote and soot buildup. These types of buildup can cause dangerous conditions aside from an obvious loss of heating efficiency. Safety is paramount and creosote can cause a chimney fire that could spread throughout your home. In addition to your use of Speedy White cleaner, have your chimney inspected and maintained regularly by a chimney professional!

Buildup of creosote, soot and debris can occur in your chimney. Creosote is the oily liquid from wood. Over time, creosote buildup hardens in your chimney’s lining. Soot is made up from the carbon particles in smoke.

Speedy White chemical formula attacks soot particles and the oil in creosote and dissolves it. We think it is the most effective cleaner on the market for the visible parts of your fireplace and wood stove area. Speedy White is not an effective cleaner for hardened, glass-like creosote in chimneys.