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22 oz. Spray Bottle – Hearth & Stove Cleaner – Speedy White Cleaning Products for fireplace, hearth and home.
Two 22oz. Spray Bottles – Hearth & Stove Cleaner
July 11, 2014

22 oz. Spray Bottle – Hearth & Stove Cleaner

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22 oz. Spray Bottle – Hearth and Stove Cleaner

Speedy White cleans and beautifies all fireplaces and stove surfaces. Speedy White also cleans brick and stone, cloth, vinyl, carpeting and plastics.

This trigger spray bottle of Speedy White hearth and stove cleaner will clean stove and fireplace components, including brick and stone hearths. It is also very effective on hard to clean smoke-stained fireplace glass, barbecue grills, carpet, clothing stains, grease, vinyl, plastics and other household cleaning jobs.

Speedy White is biodegradable. It is not for use on decorative finishes like brass, aluminum or slate.

Additional information
Weight 1.88 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 x 2.5 x 11.5 in
22 oz.